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Social uses, rituals and festive events constitute customs that structure the life of communities and groups, being shared and esteemed by many of its members. Its importance is that they reaffirm the identity of those who practice them as a group or society and, whether practiced in public or in private, are closely linked to significant events. These social uses, rituals and festivities contribute to pointing out the seasonal changes, the times of the agrarian tasks and the stages of human life. They are closely related to the worldview, history and memory of communities. Its manifestations can range from small meetings to celebrations and social commemorations of large proportions. Each of these "sub-subjects" is vast, but they have many points in common.


Mexico has recognized the following rituals as intangible heritage: Voladores de Papantla; Day of the dead celebration; The Charrería; Mariachi; The gastronomic of Michoacán; The pirekua; The parachicos; Indigenous dances; among others.

Arts,celebrations, rituals, uses and customs

Mexican festivities, traditional songs and typical flavors are loaded with such symbolism and cultural wealth that some of them have been named Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. In recent years, new members have been added to the list of Mexican assets for the world.


Mexico participates and promotes the rituals and celebrations of other nations.