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This 2019 the reflection on the events called 500 years of the meeting of two worlds takes place in Mexico. The UNESCO COMPSE Club carries out research on the Camino Real Tierra Adentro theme because it is one of the most important routes that united the Spanish Crown with America. UNESCO recognizes this route as Cultural Patrimony of Humanity, describes a collection of sites related to work in mines and farms, commercial, military commerce, evangelization and the administrative structure designed to adapt strategies of the Spanish Crown and the local environment. We can conclude that Mexico with its culture, its military structure, its political and social economic model, contributed to the empowerment of all Europe during the sixteenth to twentieth centuries with the creation of an incipient capitalism that later materializes with the formation of the first capitals; the impulse of the use of payment and credit means; creation of commercial companies; appearance of bankers. The UNESCO COMPSE Club invites historians, economists, pedagogues, anthropologists, social workers, philosophers and all audiences to enroll in the “Camino Real: la Grandeza Mexicana” Diploma.


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